Richard Aboulafia: June 2017 Letter

Dear Fellow Le Bourget Melted Tarmac Connoisseurs,

Spexit. I didn’t invent this funny word; it currently gets 49,100 Google hits, and refers to a Spanish EU exit. It’s not a popular idea. Even in Catalonia, where I am now, where just under half the population is pro-independence, open borders and the EU are still hugely popular. This is because the idea of economic nationalism is discredited here. The last guy who promised to Make Spain Great Again died 40 years ago. Spain was stagnant under Franco; even when the economy was okay it was a sluggish, inbred society. The local aerospace industry reflected this stagnation. As the UK confronts Brexit, it might want to… [More]

Richard Aboulafia: April 2017 Letter

Dear Fellow Northern Border Watchers,

One easy mistake to make, in war or business, is emphasizing tactics over strategy. Broadly, Tactics are the Hows: plans and execution; Strategy is the Whys: the long-term goals and agendas. They are very different. The best illustration of this mistake is Boeing’s Canada trade complaint, recently filed against Bombardier’s CSeries. I understand why Boeing thinks its tactics will work; I’m completely baffled about the… [More]

Richard Aboulafia: March 2017 Letter

Dear Fellow Pre-Disrupted Aero Universe Inhabitants,

New Aircraft Concepts! We’ve got New Aircraft Concepts! After decades of zero market entrants, there’s a sudden flood of new big ideas. A few wannabe aircraft companies are usually around, but concept drawings have proliferated over the past year or two. It’s hard to categorize them all; from flying cars to supersonic business jets (SSBJs) to air taxis. Some use battery power. Some go vertical. If Dr. Seuss drew air vehicles, he’d be perfect for … [More]