Richard Aboulafia: July 2017 Letter

Dear Fellow Schengen Agreement Defenders,

France’s aerospace industry tells one of the happiest stories of the 20th century. Created and built in parts of France as far from Germany as possible to be far away from wars, it finished the century in fruitful alliances with Germany. The two countries together build, or have built, jetliners, helicopters, military transports, trainers, space launchers, and many other systems. But never fighters. [More]

Richard Aboulafia: June 2017 Letter

Dear Fellow Le Bourget Melted Tarmac Connoisseurs,

Spexit. I didn’t invent this funny word; it currently gets 49,100 Google hits, and refers to a Spanish EU exit. It’s not a popular idea. Even in Catalonia, where I am now, where just under half the population is pro-independence, open borders and the EU are still hugely popular. This is because the idea of economic nationalism is discredited here. The last guy who promised to Make Spain Great Again died 40 years ago. Spain was stagnant under Franco; even when the economy was okay it was a sluggish, inbred society. The local aerospace industry reflected this stagnation. As the UK confronts Brexit, it might want to… [More]