Richard Aboulafia: November 2017 Letter

Dear Fellow Seasonal Procrastinators,

It’s always like this for me at Christmas. I say I’ll buy gifts in advance, but then a few days before the great unwrapping, I run out and panic shop. The results are predictably hideous. In my defense, I’m Jewish, so this is all new to me. New for the last few decades, anyway.

I hope it isn’t the same for Boeing. Just four days before 12/25, the Wall Street Journal reported that Boeing was… [More]

Richard Aboulafia: July 2017 Letter

Dear Fellow Schengen Agreement Defenders,

France’s aerospace industry tells one of the happiest stories of the 20th century. Created and built in parts of France as far from Germany as possible to be far away from wars, it finished the century in fruitful alliances with Germany. The two countries together build, or have built, jetliners, helicopters, military transports, trainers, space launchers, and many other systems. But never fighters. [More]