David McRobert

David McRobertDavid McRobert – Business, Marketing & Brand Strategy

David McRobert is Founder and a Director of Octant Marketing, a UK-based Aerospace & Aviation marketing firm. Prior to that, David held senior leadership positions in aviation and aerospace with a focus on customer support, program management, marketing and business development.

After starting his career with Rolls-Royce, David held key positions at H+S Aviation (sister company of Dallas Airmotive) and served as CEO of Honeywell’s engine overhaul business in the UK. He also led BBA Aviation’s commercial pilot training business in the UK and US before establishing McAlpine Group’s PremiAir, which encompassed helicopters, private jets, management and charter, MRO, aircraft sales and police air support. He also led Kapco Global’s strategy team and ran its UK operation.

Octant works with business leaders in the areas of business, marketing and brand strategy to build differentiation, produce stronger value propositions and create powerful brands.

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