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Jane MitchellJane Mitchell – Ethics and Compliance Programs. Training and Employee Engagement

Jane Mitchell’s career began in television broadcasting at the BBC from where she moved to producing award-winning corporate films and videos. She subsequently developed groundbreaking employee engagement programs working with clients in the public and private sector.

In 2006 Jane established her own consultancy, which has evolved into her current focus on helping organizations engage with ethics.

Her passion at work is to connect the dots in organizations and to encourage people to understand that words, quite simply, are not enough.  Working with organizations in this area she has worked both as a consultant to and as part of in-house teams across a variety of disciplines to help them more effectively embed ethical cultures.

Jane’s clients include:

Rolls-Royce plc, with whom she worked from the late 1990s and for whom she led the two-year rollout program of the inaugural Global Code of Ethics.

BAE Systems where she was co-designer and facilitator of Train the Facilitator ethics and Code sessions working with LRN and BAE Systems teams.

Diageo plc where she provided expertise as a contributor to its Ethics Ambassadors training program.

BP.  From 2010 Jane worked as a consultant to the Global Ethics and Compliance team and is also a member of the BP Learning and Development faculty.

Serco. Jane is supporting the organization with its inaugural rollout of its business ethics leadership program.  Designed to connect leaders and strategy and raise awareness in challenging times, the program began in 2014. She is currently supporting the organization in continuing to refine and embed their ethics strategy as a new corporate organization is developing.

Meggitt.  The global engineering company is refreshing and rolling out several compliance and ethics policies.  Jane is helping the organization design a strategic and innovative communications and engagement program to ensure best possible awareness and multi-cultural buy-in.

Her other clients include PwC, Schlumberger and GMAC, with whom she has consulted on ethical leadership, ethics programs and codes.

Jane regularly speaks at international conferences and serves on numerous boards and ethics organizations.

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