Jim McCormick

Peder AndersenJim McCormick – Creating Extraordinary Organizations, speaker, author

Jim McCormick is a corporate adviser, former chief operating officer, author and an aviation world record holder. He served in a Presidential administration and is the founder and president of the Research Institute for Risk Intelligence. His clients include Accenture, Bank of America, FedEx, GlaxoSmithKline, PepsiCo, Siemens, the FBI, the U. S. Army and the National World War II Museum.

Jim maintains that all business is about utilizing risk effectively. As he states, “Risking well is not an option. It is a necessity. And done well, it produces more agile and profitable businesses.”

He also maintains that organizations don’t become extraordinary by chance. They become extraordinary because their leaders create an authentic culture that aligns with both the strategic vision and the tactical challenges of the organization. Jim McCormick helps organizations do just that.

Core to his approach to assisting organizations is a clear-eyed assessment of the extent to which risk is to be engaged then aligning compensation and incentives to achieve it. The result is organizations of highly engaged employees with a clear focus on organizational goals. They are innovative, able to make the right decisions quickly and responsive to changes in the market, the competitive environment and opportunities.

His books include Business Lessons from the Edge (McGraw-Hill), The Power of Risk (Maxwell Press) and The First-Time Manager (AMACOM), which is available in English, Chinese, French and Polish. Jim has earned seven skydiving world records and was a member of an international expedition that skydived to the North Pole.

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