Lindon Bontz

Lindon BontzLindon Bontz – President, Visual Media Group LLC, Wichita

Visual Media Group, LLC is led by Lindon Bontz, who managed many of the firm’s specialists as part of an in-house department at Cessna Aircraft Company. A team of multi-media professionals with decades of experience working with major OEM’s, the military, aviation publications and leading aviation support of marketing programs.

Now as an independent team of visual media professionals, VMG LLC offers graphics, photography, video, web design and production services in the aviation industry as well as other industries. This award-winning group of creatives is recognized throughout the global aviation industry for their work in helping to create and implement compelling visual marketing strategies. From air-to-air images seen on the covers of leading magazines to visual collateral supporting product launches and trade shows, VMG has played an important role in campaigns and events on an international scale.

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