Nick Brough

Nick BroughNick Brough – Chief Executive Officer, Interazione, Rome

Nick Brough is CEO of Interazione srl, a public relations and strategic communications agency in Rome specializing in aerospace, defense and air transport. He has been in Italy for more than 30 years, initially as a journalist covering air transport, from business and regulatory perspectives, until establishing Interazione.

Past and present clients include Boeing, Cathay Pacific Airways, Rolls-Royce, Air Canada, Qatar Airways, Pan American World Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and OAG. Italian clients have included Air One and Finmeccanica.

Nick has handled communications crises and lead the development of crisis management plans and procedures for major companies. He has spoken on various occasions on Italian national television and has addressed parliamentary committees of both the Italian Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

He has a strong network of media and industry contacts in Italy and beyond and has lead campaigns involving the Italian Antitrust Authority and the European Union Transport directorate.

British born, Nick has a Master of Science in Business Administration degree from Boston University.

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