Richard Aboulafia

Richard AboulafiaRichard Aboulafia – Industry Analysis and Forecasting

Richard Aboulafia is Vice President of Analysis at Teal Group Corp., an aerospace and defense forecasting company founded in 1987.  Teal’s forecasting products cover aircraft, missiles, space systems, military electronics and UAVs, as well as corporate analysis and national defense requirements.  Richard writes and edits Teal Group’s World Military & Civil Aircraft Briefing, a forecasting tool covering more than 135 aircraft programs and markets.

At Teal Group, Richard also manages consulting projects in the commercial and military aircraft field and analyzes broader defense and aerospace trends.  He has advised numerous aerospace companies, including most prime and many second- and third-tier contractors in the US, Europe and Asia.  He also advises numerous financial institutions on aerospace market conditions.

Richard also writes publicly about aviation and defense, with regular columns in Aviation Week & Space Technology and  His articles have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, AIAA’s Aerospace America, Financial Times, Professional Pilot, and other publications.  He has spoken at numerous conferences, including ATRIF, NAFA, NARA, and SpeedNews and presents a yearly lecture to the National Defense University/Industrial College of the Armed Forces. He has also served as an expert witness on aerospace subjects.

Before he joined Teal Group in 1990, Richard analyzed the jet engine market at Jane’s Information Group, served as an aerospace industry consultant for an international trade advisory company and supported research projects at the Brookings Institution.  He has a Masters degree in War Studies from King’s College, University of London and a Bachelors degree from George Washington University and served on the National Aeronautic Association Collier Trophy Selection Committee in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

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