Thomas Haueter

Thomas E. Haueter  Thomas E. Haueter – Accident Investigator, Safety Consultant, Commentator

Tom Haueter is an independent aviation accident investigator and safety consultant for aircraft operators and major aircraft manufacturers, and serves as a consultant/commentator to several major news networks.

In 2012, Tom retired after 28 years with the National Transportation Safety Board, his most recent position being Director of the Office of Aviation Safety.  Prior to that he was the Deputy Director and the Chief of the Major Investigations Division.

Tom has worked as an airworthiness investigator, an Investigator-in-Charge (IIC) of domestic aviation accidents, and as the U.S. Accredited Representative for foreign aviation accidents.  As the Director of the Office of Aviation Safety, he was responsible for the investigation of all domestic aviation accidents and the NTSB support of major foreign aviation accidents.  He was the IIC for the investigation of the USAir Flight 427 accident that resulted in the redesign of the rudder system on all Boeing 737s; the U.S. Accredited Representative on the accident involving a COPA Airlines Boeing 737; the IIC for the accident involving an Atlantic Southeast Airlines Embraer 120 at Brunswick, Georgia, that claimed the life of Senator John Tower; and the IIC for the midair collision near Philadelphia that claimed the life of Senator Heinz.

Tom was also the lead NTSB investigator assisting the U.S. Air Force in the investigation of the CT-43A that crashed near Dubrovnik, Croatia, killing then Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 22 others.  Additionally, he was an advisor to the space shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

Prior to joining NTSB, he worked at Tracor as a program manager for research and development and was previously employed by Telcom as an engineer in the design and application of composite aircraft structures and assessments of emerging technologies.  He also worked as a structures engineer in gas turbine engine design at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.

Tom holds an MBA in Operations Research and International Business from George Mason University and a BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University.  He has lectured on systems safety at Purdue and Georgia Tech.   He holds a commercial pilot’s license with multi-engine and instrument ratings, regularly flies a 1943 Stearman airplane that he restored, and is an active aircraft builder/restorer.

Tom is the recipient of the 2012 Purdue University Outstanding Aerospace Engineer Award, Presidential Rank Award, NTSB Chairman’s Award, and the Joseph T. Nall Award.

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