Stangarone and CommCore Form Joint Aviation/Aerospace Communications Practice

Washington DC, October 10, 2017 – CommCore Consulting Group and Stangarone & Associates, two specialty consulting firms, have formed an alliance to provide a wide range of strategic communications services to the aviation and aerospace industries. The arrangement leverages CommCore’s crisis communications and coaching experience and Stangarone’s expertise in the aviation and aerospace sectors.

CommCore and Stangarone are teaming up at a time when aviation and aerospace companies are coping with strong demand, intense competition, geopolitical pressure, and reputation issues. The two firms will draw on more than 65 years of combined experience to provide world-class communications counsel and support to clients in these dynamic industries.

Together, CommCore and Stangarone & Associates are offering a comprehensive suite of services, including media relations, training and coaching, crisis communications, thought leadership, reputation management, and public affairs counsel. The firms excel at tailoring programs that precisely meet clients’ needs.

“Robert Stangarone knows aerospace like no one else.  His team members have worked with hundreds of companies in the aviation and aerospace industries and have an unmatched reputation,” said Andrew D. Gilman, President & CEO of CommCore. “We believe this collaboration fills an unmet market need. “

“The challenges and opportunities facing the aviation and aerospace industries today demand experienced and insightful guidance,” said Robert Stangarone, Managing Director of Stangarone & Associates. “The right partner/consultant can provide significant leverage in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge and protecting and projecting a favorable brand image,” he added.

“CommCore’s unmatched reputation in executive coaching and crisis and proactive strategic communications, along with their bandwidth, are perfect complements to our industry experience and capabilities.” Stangarone said.

About CommCore

CommCore Consulting Group, now in its 31st year, is a privately held specialty communications firm serving businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations around the world. The company specializes in strategic and tactical communications development and implementation across all industry sectors, organizational crisis planning and response, executive media and presentation training, message development, and internal communications skill development.

CommCore is led by its president and CEO, Andrew D. Gilman — a lawyer, award-winning journalist, and co-author of the best-selling book Get to the Point. CommCore is headquartered in Washington D.C., and has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

About Stangarone & Associates

With a foundation of decades of broad and deep experience, Stangarone & Associates provides strategic communications, corporate affairs, business strategies and marketing services for companies in the aviation and aerospace sectors. With offices in Washington DC and Cocoa Beach, Florida, and through associations with a network of 38 experienced professionals in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Rome, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne (Florida) and Wichita, the company provides services with global reach and local expertise anywhere in the world. Robert Stangarone has worked with dozens of Chairmen and CEOs over the past 35+ years, optimizing and protecting corporate reputations, managing crises, projecting company presence globally, supporting sales through communications and marketing best practices, and serving as coach and business advisor in many aspects of corporate activity, including international business strategies and joint ventures.



For CommCore:

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For Stangarone & Associates:

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Managing Director

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